Enhance the festival-goer experience.

FEST brings your festival-goers a handy tool to stay updated and lets you connect with them instantly.

Some of our members

  • La Noce
  • Pop Montreal
  • Fierté Montreal
  • FICG
  • Reperkusound
  • Sonorama Ribera
  • Les Plages Éléctroniques

Offer the best possible experience.

Add your ticketing, showcase your schedules, communicate in real-time through notifications... Simple and user-friendly, FEST fulfills all your needs with features tailored for both festival-goers and organizers.

All of your artists in one sight.

FEST is a great tool to discover new artists. Each artist has its own page with access to a Spotify player and a Youtube integration that allow you to make your whole lineup shine.

An interactive schedule.

Your festival-goers can easily compare show times, add their own favorites and receive reminders.

A geo-localized map to always find your way back.

Simplify the on-site experience of your community by offering a unique branded geo-localized map.

All you need to manage your festival.

FEST was created to meet the needs of busy organizers who want to provide their festival attendees with a useful and comprehensive app in just a few minutes.

  • Show your own brand

    Create your edition with your own brand. You will be amazed how simple it is.

  • Send impactful notifications

    Communicate in real-time with your festival attendees to promote your ticket sales, your partners, to alert about schedule changes, or send safety announcements.

  • Tickets and Cashless

    Sell your tickets through the app and simplify your cashless experience before, during and after your festival.

  • Sponsors

    Offer visibility to your sponsors and use FEST as a new promoting tool.

  • Be flexible

    In case of artist cancellations, inclement weather, or a security alert, FEST is by your side to simplify your organization.

  • Analytics

    Learn more about your users and improve your festival experience year-to-year by analyzing your editions data.

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